About Us

About Janiko

Our design is dedicated to all the brave women who love style, femininity, and uniqueness. Launched in 2013 by sisters Janeta & Nicoleta Surila, JANIKO was built with the philosophy that each iconic, feminine shoe, carries its own unique story. The brand, whose spirit is provocative, bold, and confident, will inspire women worldwide with glamour and uniqueness, confidence, and empowerment. After years of exploring various factories throughout Italy, the sisters have discovered the Holy Grail of sexiness and ingrained it into their individual shoe designs. But they don't only manufacture beauty, they walk in it with confidence. Inspired by their shared love for uniqueness and abstract art, each individual shoe is meticulously hand made with the highest quality and reflects the enigmatic beauty that is as defiant as the very women that will wear them.

It is really important for us each pair of shoes to be something special, always focusing on detailing and new material combinations.

Our purpose was to create a shoe that you wear and transform you. It is a special piece for a special moment and it is intricately linked to your dream, your desire to live somewhere else or to be someone else. We believe that this is something exceptionally beautiful how shoes can transform your feelings, your look or your identity.